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The Movement for Stronger Delta (MSD) has scoffed at an attempt by one of the many so-called publicists of the lifeless and waiting to be cremated All Progressives Congress (APC) in Delta State, with the hogwash of a Press Release titled: “RE: OMO-AGEGE AND HIS CATALOGUE OF LIES, DECEIT; HAS NOTHING TO OFFER DELTANS – PDP”, which as it is usual with the party, is another futile effort to mislead Deltans again.

The latest statement, which was the Delta APC’s knee-jerk response to the powerfully articulated dissection of Senator Ovie Omo-Agege’s empty, deceitful, and lies laden Declaration speech, was signed by yet another ‘new’ fellow, who, again labels himself as the latest APC’s State Publicity Secretary, but seems to be hiding behind the mask of initials for the lack of courage to identify himself properly, so, he prefers to sign off as E.V. Onojeghuo.

Anyways, like every many other discerning Deltans, MSD is not surprised at this hide and seek game of the APC. Of course, it is always the custom of the party across the country, and the leadership of its ruling Federal Government to always say something that is not true in a conscious effort to deceive the unwary.


This, the party fully displayed with reckless abandon when it tried laboriously without success to whitewash the well researched and scholarly uncovering of the littleness of idea about governance which its governorship aspirant and Deputy Senate President, Ovie Omo-Agege flaunted brazenly, unaffected by shame at his so-called declaration amidst the camouflage of a hired crowd at the Federal University of Petroleum Resources (FUPRE).

Indeed, MSD can permit the feigned ignorance of Senator Ovie Omo-Agege as his arduous effort to come to terms with the outstanding works and diligent delivery of democracy dividends, especially through the articulate and well structured SMART Agenda of the Governor Ifeanyi Okowa-led PDP administration in Delta State, continues to undermine and diminish his status as a serious contender to the position he desires.

We are also disposed to tolerate the pretentious witlessness of the Orogun politician in this matter; after all, the Senator has since become a Diaspora Deltan since he jetted out to Abuja where he now operates fully from, after his devious schemings, disruptive manipulations, shameless bootlicking and serial betrayals in his compulsive fixation to acquire power and authority at any and all cost, snared for him, the position of Deputy Senate President, which, with the benefit of the hindsight of despicable antecedents, has been thoroughly undeserving.


It is indeed quite clear that with the PDP administration fully on the ground in Delta State, the Okowa-led administration knows its onions and responsibility to the people, and has lived up to expectations, because in spite of everything, the whole of Delta State is his constituency. Governor Ifeanyi Okowa is fully in charge, attending to all, and Deltans are happy for it.

Since Senator Omo-Agege is feigning ignorance of the good deeds of the PDP administration in the State, the Honourable Commissioner for Information, Mr. Charles Aniagwu did so well to educate him the other day. At a well attended and publicized press briefing, the Commissioner, besides observing well the emptiness, bareness, and blankness of the Senator’s declaration, reasonably took him up for failing to tell Deltans and Nigerians what he intends to do differently as governor.

Aniagwu told journalists that the emptiness of Omo-Agege’s declaration speech shows that he lacked the capacity to govern a State like Delta and MSD is in accord with the Commissioner. Nigerian politics by now should be beyond mere rhetorics, sound, and fury that signifies nothing.


The Movement for Stronger Delta believes that Nigerians today are full of expectations for politics and politicians with sound knowledge about the plethora of problems and challenges of the country caused, provoked, aggravated, and even orchestrated by the crass cluelessness and brazen ineptitude of the APC-led Federal Government, and delivered by the twin evils of ethnocentric, genocidal banditry and a horrible administration at the centre, in which Omo-Agege himself is not only a very prominent figure and participant, but has deliberately and shamelessly looked the other way as his brothers and sisters in the South have suffered brutalizations, maimings, killings, displacements, and the suffocations brought upon us by the APC.

And today, when Nigerians are looking forward to men and women with content and the ability of how to take the economy out of the woods. Senator Omo-Agege just reeled out as a clanging cymbal, his declaration speech which had no content.

The Senator displayed another arrant misjudgment when he stated that he would chase Governor Okowa out of government. Like the Information Commissioner indeed pointed out, is the governor going to contest governorship again after completing the constitutionally mandated two terms in office? MSD expected that as a lawyer, Omo-Agege would have known this and be specific rather than expose his vile, narcissistic obsession with Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, the “Ekwueme gburugburu’. This does not show thoroughness, a virtue that anyone seeking to be governor of Delta State ought to possess.


On Senator Omo-Agege’s claims that there’s no development that can be associated with Governor Okowa in the State, MSD is calling on him and his hack writers to go through the press briefing in the media where Mr. Aniagwu dismissed the Senator’s claims by pointing to evidence replete in print publications, electronic videos and even the social media space that debunked the claims. It is educative enough.

But MSD would like to also respond to the claims of the mischievous publicist of APC. In its press release, the APC stated: “Indeed, if we may ask, who are the “more than 200,000 youths, including over 4,000 from Omo-Agege’s own LGA” that “have been trained and empowered and are now proud independent entrepreneurs and job creators, according to the PDP? How come absolutely no one knows them and no Deltan has ever sighted or come across any such person?”

To this very foolish and annoyingly illiterate poser, the MSD is pointing to these ignorant persons, whose attitude is never to tell the truth but to lie to the high heavens, to the widely reported avalanche of testimonies from the direct beneficiaries of the STEP and YSGEP programmes of the PDP administration led by Governor Okowa. A few of such testimonies below will suffice, to shame EV Onojehuo and other cretins in his political Constituency.


First, Egwede Voke Faith (2017/2018 cycle); LGA: Ughelli North; enterprise: Fashion design and tailoring. The records show that Faith Voke Egwede is the CEO of Jazz Stitches and a Brown STEP beneficiary who became a job creation trainer five months after being established with Starter Pack. Talking about her experience she stated: “Before I enrolled for Brown STEP, I was sewing at home with one machine and I did not have many clients.

“Fortunately, I was successful in job creation physical verification and proficiency test and thereafter, sent for a refresher course and established immediately with the following: a cutting table; a pressing iron; a big generator; two industrial machines (weaving and sewing); N50,000 shop rent subsidy and N8,000 for transport. As soon as I got to Ughelli, I knew I would no longer use my home.

“Now I have a large fashion shop with the help of my husband and Governor Okowa’s shop rent subsidy. I have lots of clients, sell fabrics, and have become a job creation trainer. As I speak, I have eight STEP trainees as my students and three apprentices. God bless Governor Okowa because he made it possible.”


Also from Ughelli North, the LGA of Senator Omo-Agege is another beneficiary of the STEP programme. He is Mr. Atano Ochuko Kelvin (2017/2018 cycle. His enterprise is Electrical installation and repairs. Kelvin Ochuko Atano is the Co-CEO of JK Science & Tech Innovative Company Ltd, a company known for the production of inverters, cars trackers, household alarm devices, security devices, etc.

A holder of B.Sc in Accounting and a PGD in Business Administration from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Kelvin Atano is an innovative, inquisitive, and a determined entrepreneur with a passion for excellence. Records attest that since his establishment, he has recorded immense growth in capacity and patronage which has helped him procure some equipment and take care of his family’s needs. He is now an employer of  labour and a trainer of IT students from tertiary institutions.

Speaking for himself, Atano said: “I knew little about electrical works, but had a passion to produce electrical devices like ‘alarm device’. I had to form an alliance with a partner who studied Electrical and Electronics Engineering and is knowledgeable in computer programming. Along the line, I heard about STEP and because I needed a platform where I could learn more, I immediately took advantage of the opportunity. I needed the training for a complete package, and to develop my interest, which is production.


“I have had funny feelings about empowerment programmes, but Governor Okowa’s job creation programme is so real and well thought out. One is trained and established on a platter of gold. Whoever does not take full advantage of it is not serious-minded. I identified my dream and followed it.

“The sky is the limit. I really appreciate the Government of Delta State. I have more than 20 products, but only three with my inscription JK. I am appealing for a patent for them and for a machine that can mass produce my products. I participated in a product exhibition recently at Osubi Trade Fair complex.”

Mr. Napoleon Umukoro is a YAGEP beneficiary (2015/2016) cycle) from Ughelli North LGA. He is in the piggery enterprise. He tells his story, saying: “I have B.Sc in Agric Economics from Delta State University, Abraka.


Before I got engaged in YAGEP, I was a teacher in a private school. The pay was poor, but I was fortunate to be one of the beneficiaries of the YAGEP programme. Upon establishment, I was asked to provide a land for my pen in my village, Orogun; (Orogun is Omo-Agege’s village). Thereafter, I was given eight pigs (pregnant pigs) and two boars (male pigs). Money was provided for me to feed them for six months.

“I have recorded lots of achievements. I have been able to employ two workers, a cleaner and a security man; become a consultant in pig production; trained two persons; carry out treatment for other pig farmers in different farms in my area. I have also bought a land close to my farm, which I intend to develop soon to diversify into fish production, and I was able to establish my wife with a provision store to assist me financially. I achieved all these because of Governor Okowa’s job creation initiative.

“To crown it all, I will marry my wife formally on December 29, 2018. All are from my pig farms. The standard of living for my two children has improved. I no longer beg for money from my family and friends. I am grateful for this opportunity given to me by my governor.”


The foregoing are a minute number from the numerous beneficiaries of the empowerment programme that APC’s lazy and clueless folks and propagandists mischievously want to whitewash. Of course, there’s a comprehensive list of trainees and graduates in the Job Creation Office, for the doubting Thomases of APC, especially given the historic relevance of their progenitor, Thomas, particularly at this Easter time.

But Deltans, who are direct beneficiaries of the goodies are wiser than them, and have refused to be hoodwinked by an ill-informed company of pen bandits in publicity garb.

By the way, in the area of Education, APC forgets that it is not the State Government that fixes or determines school fees for tertiary institutions and meanwhile, ASUU has spent 1 out of every 4 days on strike, since 2016 and even as we write, they are currently on another prolonged strike as a result of the ineptitude of the APC-led Federal Government, which Senator Omo-Agege is an integral member, to manage the situation with sense, instead of their nonsense.


As for corruption, two of the principal national leaders of the new APC Exco have tasted the rude hospitality of EFCC and only recently they even pardoned some Ex-Governors who were convicted by the EFCC. In fact, the APC-led Federal Government, where Senator Omo-Agege remains a prime beneficiary, has completely ridiculed the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.

In fact, to say that Nigeria has never witnessed the kind of massive yet sophisticated corruption going on in this APC administration, with NNPC, whose Minister is the President under whose watch bad fuel was imported into the country, SURE-P, Chinese loans, and school feeding programme, amongst a legion of other fleece initiatives and conduit scam pipes, is a gross understatement. It is monumentally mind-boggling.

What all these boil down to is the unmasking of the devious lies of the politicians in APC, of which Senator Omo-Agege, as Deputy Senate President, and other top political figures holding elective offices, have been mischievously described in some quarters as, liars-in-chief. It is this lie-telling nature that has made many people to cast aspersions on the personality of the Nigerian politician.


Veteran journalist and respectable Editor, Mr. Ray Ekpu lamented this situation recently in one of his outings in the media, when he lamented in his article titled: “Lie-Telling as Crass Opportunism of April 12, 2022”, saying in his opening paragraph: “I have lived in this country long enough to know that Nigerian politics is largely a fraudulent profession in which the political elite engage largely in public deception.,… Our political season is the season for lie telling…”

It is this type of lie telling like Senator Omo-Agege gleefully engaged in at his so-called declaration that has given the Nigerian politician this immoral coloration and attribute. It is the very reason that MSD is joining the Delta Commissioner for Information to call on Senator Omo-Agege to shed himself of the garb of lie telling and stop deceiving the people, by coming out to tell the people what he would do differently as governor if given the opportunity.

Delta State already has a standard of response engagement of delivering democracy dividends, and this standard can never be lowered. This for us in MSD is the main agenda, one that is held very dear – the agenda for the emergence of a STRONGER DELTA.


….And lest we forget: The State Publicity Secretary, Delta State Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Comrade Ifeanyi Michael Osuoza, is a certified Doctorate Degree holder, who bagged his Ph.D. degree from the Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo State.

Dr. Osuoza, popularly known everywhere as, ‘Agenda’, received his Ph.D. scroll and the Certificate of intellectual excellence, in the field of Strategic Studies, with specialization in the areas of Deterrence, Warfare, and Terrorism, having distinguished himself with admirable scholarly impetus and sagacity.

Osuoza, who had already completed his BA and MSc degrees in the same University, stepped out in style, robed in the distinctive colours of the University’s Doctoral Academic Gown, hood, and Cap, after five sessions of rigorous and painstaking academic effort, to be conferred with his well-earned Doctorate degree, during the 22nd Convocation Ceremony of the Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo State, on Saturday, October 19, 2019.


‘Agenda,’ a proud son of Idumuje-Ugboko, in Aniocha North LGA of Delta State, has been a Commissioner, Special Duties (Project Monitoring), Delta State, and a former Acting Chairman of PDP, Aniocha North LGA, before being elected unanimously as the Delta State PDP Publicity Secretary in 2015 and was re-elected unopposed in 2019.

We hope this brief yet powerful and incisive resume of Dr. Ifeanyi Osuoza, will serve as a great motivational excerpt, for some wannabee ‘Charge and bail’ lawyer, masquerading as Publicity Secretary, to try to become a better person and CHANGE from the lying, deceitful APC gang, when he grows up…

Happy Easter to all Deltans. “Christ is Risen. Hallelujah”




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