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Man Electrocuted In Attempt To Steal Electric Cables In Asaba



Shot dead

A middle-aged man who attempted to vandalise an electric transformer in Asaba, the Delta State capital has met his waterloo.

The unidentified man met his untimely death on Sunday while he tried to vandalise the transformer in a bid to steal cables along the High Cpurt road within the Asaba metropolis.

Sources said that the father of three got electrocuted in the process before help could come his way.


The man who do manual jobs for a living is however suspected to be a former staff of an electricity distribution company.

“We suspect that the man may have been associated or retrenched from an electricity distribution company to be able to exude the confidence and expertise required to operate in the transformer. 

“However, the presence of security personnel in the area put a question to whether the deceased must have had accomplice(s). 


Recalls that the Delta State Government had recently embarked on various levels of sensitization to warn the public on the ills of vandalism, especially electrical installations in the state. 

With the recent death, vandals may have to rethink their illegal activities, having realized that the consequences may be too grave to exchange for pecuniary benefits, an official said. 

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