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Medview Aborts Flight, Applies Emergency Brakes on Runway

Medview Airline on Sunday suddenly aborted it’s trip to Maiduguri few minutes taxing on the runway in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city.

The aircraft carrying over 90 passengers on board was brought to a sudden halt after the pilot applied what could be best described as an emergency brake.

“It’s not something that can be fixed quickly, we need to get a component of the aircraft from Lagos,” says captain Niyi Ogunowo, the flight pilot.

Passengers who were all wearing long faces were full of praises to God as the incident didn’t happen after take off. “I give thanks to God that this incident didn’t occur while the flight was on the air; only God knows what would have happened.

“At the same time I appreciate  God for His supernatural intervention; only God knows the disaster that was prevented . “one of the lucky passengers, Amina Haruna said.

At the main time, passengers are waiting for Medview management to provide them with another aircraft or wait patiently for the aircraft component to arrive from Lagos in two and half hours time, ALEDEH had reported.

Passengers on board include the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Joseph Abila, foreign aid workers, top government officials amongst others.

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