‘You’re Very Mischievous’ – Bauchi Governor Accuses Journalist

Bauchi Governor, Bala Mohammed

A mild drama played out at the first anniversary media chat of Bauchi State Governor, Sen. Bala Mohammed, following an open threat he issued to a reporter of The Daily Trust, Hassan Ibrahim, for asking some questions which clearly provoked the governor.

The first anniversary media chat which was held at the Command Guest Inn Bauchi, the state capital, on Saturday drew the presence of various journalists across the state and some members of the governor’s cabinet.

Ibrahim drew the ire of the governor when he went ahead to ask some questions which infuriated him. The Daily Trust reporter asked a question on the allegations made by the opposition party in the state, the All Progressives Congress (APC) that the governor  has strangulated  the State House of Assembly and the alleged disregard for due process in the award of contracts in the state as alleged by the opposition party.

But Mohammed, who wasn’t pleased with the some of the questions Ibrahim needed clarifications on fired back at the reporter. While responding, he called out the reporter saying if he is working for the opposition party, he won’t hesitate to excommunicate him from the state. He said ‘Daily Trust, you’re very mischievous with these your questions, your treachery and mischief has reached a level where I would tell you that. You didn’t bring us here. You’re fond of this. You think you’re the only journalist. I have reported before you, I was once a journalist too’’

‘’There was a time you reported that we abandoned an old man who was ill in Alkaleri Local Government Area, my village. You always look for the negative things to say about this state. Try to be positive for God sake, we have different ways of procurement and we follow due process. You also talked of cabals, which cabal? It’s you that insulted in my one year anniversary that should tell me who is the cabal, I don’t have any cabals in my government,’’ he retorted.

The governor said; “You’re always making sure I have conflict with my Assembly. You’re APC sponsored, that’s why you’re doing what you’re doing. The majority of the house is APC, so how will I strangulate them. The people have rejected Mohammed Abubakar the former governor but you want to bring him back. Please don’t sensationalize things, don’t create conflict where it does not exist. Please if you are being sponsored by the former APC governor, I will excommunicate you from this state.’’

Hassan Ibrahim was later whisked out of the premises of the event by security agents. When contacted by the Nation on his whereabouts, he said through a text message sent to our Correspondent that ‘’the ADC to the governor approached me and said that my safety is at risk within the premises of the venue because of some angry youths and he ordered some DSS operatives to accompany me out of the venue to a safe location. Right now I am safely inside my house.’’