CDHR, One Other Group Defend DPO Over Alleged Accusation Of ‘Brutality’ In Delta

CP Hafiz Mohammed Inuwa

The Committee For Defence of Human Rights (CDHR), Delta state branch, and Warri Urban Security Network (WUSN), have taken a stance to defend the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) Ekpan Division, SP Asanaenyi Ibok, over accusation of his alleged brutality of accused persons.

The groups spoke in a separate statements made available to newsmen in Warri, on Wednesday morning.

According to the groups, independent investigations into the case, show that there was “no iota of truth in the claim by one Mercy Okoro and her family”.

The Delta state CDHR Secretary, Comrade Israel Joe, claimed that contrary to the falsehood making the round, the DPO was not at the scene of the incident and therefore was not in a position to have manhandled the suspects as being speculated.

According to him; “I heard of the alleged human right abuse on a lady in Warri who said the DPO Ekpan Division SP Ibok Asaneiyi stripped herself and her mother naked, beat and locked them up”. 

“As an activist, I had to contact the victim to hear their own part of the story. 

“I also contacted the tenant of the victim who was illegally locked up inside the house by the victims and their family for failing to pay house rent to them.

“I also called the DPO to hear his side of the story especially as he was alleged to have abused the lady”. 

Speaking further; “From our investigations as human rights activists in Delta state, it is so sad for such a story to be cooked up against the police while we sit down and watch. 

“The lady who illegally locked up their tenant for 6 hours, resisted arrest, stoned the police until the police had to use a maximum force to save guard the tenant and arrested the lady should understand the principles of tenants rights. 

“The DPO who even was not there had become a victim of public ridicules”.

“Our stand consolidates also on the Stand of the NBA who also had conducted their investigations. While the police officers who went to make the arrests must have acted in errors for the victims to incurs bruises”.

“We urge the people to disregard the false accusations on the DPO who had done his best to make sure everything is subjected into legality should be appraised”.

“While we ensure police brutality comes to an end, we should appreciate those making efforts rather than condemning  without facts”.

Similarly, the Chairman, Warri Urban Security Network (WUSN), Chief Abel Nwankwo, also claimed that the accusation was mere fabrication borne out of envy to ridicule and discredit the police officer who had been very exceptional in discharging its duties as the DPO in Ekpan Division.

He noted that from investigations they have carried out two days ago the incident started trending on the social media they realised that the entire story of police brutality was an after thought, as it was intended to rubbish the gentleman DPO.

“We have taking time out to go round the parties and places where the incident occurred, including the suspect first lawyer who abandoned them due to their plan to discredit the DPO and find out that what is playing out was a calculated attempt to tarnish the DPO’s image”.

“Consequent upon this, we called on well-meaning Nigerians, especially the Delta state Police Commissioner, human rights groups, the media and other social media bloggers to discountenance the report against the DPO, as it was cooked up by the parties involved to dent the good image of the officer”