The Isoko Ethnic Nationality In Time Perspective, By Edafewotu O. Endurance


The Isoko Ethnic Nationality in Time Perspective, written by Edafewotu Onojakaroma Endurance and published by one of the foremost and oldest publishing house, University Press Ibadan will be launched under the umbrella of the Isoko Development Union in November, 2019.

This book relies on both oral history and academic writings to showcase the rich and unique identity of the Isoko ethnic Nationality.

It dealt with the Isoko culture, beliefs system and conventions of Isoko as an Ethnic group.

The unique part of this book is the fact that, for the first time, there is a concerted effort by one writer to research all the 19 Clans of Isoko, that means any Isoko indigene can with a flip of few pages make reference to his or her own clan history.

For the first time too, the Isoko-Ame (Isokos in the River banks) far from the geographical territory of present Isoko South and North got proper attention, and are well researched to show their link and uniformity with their mother towns.

Yet again, this book created the inter-connectivity of each clan to the other, to put bare the underlying identity of the Isoko people. It answered the bugging question of: Who are the Isoko People?

A narrator’s review and analysis that comes after each clan history could take the reader to the happenings of years past.

Endurance Onojakaroma Edafewotu is a lover of antiquities, museums, nature, and photo-history. As a trained photographer, for many years he has used the camera to tell stories, and keep records of various events of developments.