Bini Group’s Threat To Attack Ijaw People: IYC Calls On FG, Edo Govt. To Investigate Warmongers In Viral Video


Foremost Ijaw Youths Council has called on the Federal and Edo state Governments to investigation a video footage in which a group linked to the Binis threatened to unleash mayhem on Ijaw people in Edo State.

In the viral video currently trending in the social media, some persons armed with assorted rifles, had threatened to attack Ijaw people in Edo State.

Pereotubo Oweilaemi, Esq.,President, IYC worldwide, who made the call in a statement on Saturday, said that ordinarily, IYC wouldn’t have responded to such “cowardice act of feeble minds as the Ijaw nation is equal to the task but for the sake of peace and harmony”.

According to him, “If the faces appeared in the footage are people being sponsored by the Bini Kingdom then we are surprised why they chose to use such sickening method to threaten people who are ever ready to protect themselves and their lands?

“For the avoidance of doubt, the Ijaw man can never be cowed or emasculated by the threats of those fugitive miscreants.

“We will not abandoned our ancestral lands in Edo State for anybody including the Bini land grabbers.

“The entire Ijaw nation is solidly standing behind the Ijaws in Edo State. We will not take it likely if those Bini warmongers make good with their threat of violence against any Ijaw settlements in the State.

“Such will be responded to with a bloody fratricidal war. Those beating the gong of war should be wary of the consequences of their actions.

“The silence of the Bini Kingdom in the face of this provocative video footage by those alleged Bini delinquents is preposterous and suspicious.

“The Oba of Benin’s gleeful silence means that the delinquents are speaking his mind.

“We are calling on the Edo State and the Federal governments to immediately take steps to investigate the video.

“The security agencies should also rise up to the occasion by investigating the source of the video and bring to book anybody found culpable.

“The Ijaw people will not sit idle bye and allow the Bini warmongers to attack us.

“If the governments fail and or refuse to carry out their primary functions of securing live and property then the Ijaws in Edo State will protect themselves against invaders”.