The politics of zoning is not only unconstitutional, but also undemocratic, and as such, should not be used as a basis for Deltans/Nigerians to continue to tolerate/accommodate the mediocre of a government demonstrated by the Governor Ifeanyi Okowa administration in Delta State for almost four years now. What we earnestly need in Delta State is ‘good governance’ exhibited by a good leadership, which the Okowa is not, and not this so-called zoning of governorship to a particular Senatorial District of Delta State.

Delta State is in great need of a good leadership to bring back the lost glory of the State. It is evident that the Okowa Administration has failed woefully in this regard in his first term in office, which will also be his last tenure as a Governor. Nobody has the right to speak on behalf of the Urhobo people except the genuine President-General of the Urhobo Progress Union (UPU). We are absolutely certain that the UPU never entered into any agreement with any Section of Delta State, or tribe in Delta State, of any zoning formula that should be observed in deciding where the State governorship ticket should arise from. The UPU leaders never informed the Urhobos that it entered into any agreement with any Section, or tribe in Delta State. More so, the UPU is not a political organisation, hence will not enter into such an agreement so to speak.

The developed countries like the UK, US, France, etc., which we all admire today, did not become great nations because of zoning. They became great simply because of ‘good leadership’ that is accountable to the people. That is grossly missing in Delta State in the last 18 years plus, which the Okowa Administration is planning to continue. But we are calling on all Deltans/Nigerians to SAY NO TO THIS SHAME AND INCOMPETENCE OF A GOVERNMENT. What we all urgently need in Delta State is ‘development’ and not this so-called ‘zoning’, which has never really done the masses any good. Imagine a government that has appointed Commissioners into his government, and hastily patching roads, just few weeks to the end of his tenure in office. Is that a responsible and vision-driven government? Obviously not! But that is what the Governor Okowa government represents.

To add salt to injury, Okowa is making promises at end of his term in office, which we all know are just part of their strategies to try to deceive the people in their bid to come back to government. If there was no strong opposition, we are certain that Okowa will not be hastily patching roads and making promises, which we all know will not be fulfilled. The bottom line is that zoning of political positions is unconstitutional and undemocratic, hence should not be tolerated by Deltans/Nigerians because it is just another way an incompetent political leader is trying to deceive the public to remain in government. But we urge all Deltans and Nigerians in Delta State to vote Okowa out. We need development in Delta State, and for us to see it, we need to vote out Okowa for his lack of good governance, lack of vision and lack of integrity and accountability. Let us SAY NO to this Mediocrity of a government.

Zik Gbemre is Niger Delta activist and National Coordinator/CEO of Niger Delta Peace Coalition (NDPC), writes from Warri, Delta state.