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Delta Council Polls: How They Plotted To Assassinate Some Of Us – APC Chieftain

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A chieftain of All Progressive Congress (APC) in Ughelli North and 2019 House of Assembly hopeful, Olorogun Christopher Obiuwevbi Ominimini has alleged that some political forces in Delta state had plan to assassinate APC chieftains a night to the Ughelli North rerun election.

According to him, some undisclosed political forces allegedly sent suspected hired assassins after him and others within Ughelli North eve of the council election which APC had earlier pull out of.

He said that unknown gunmen who invaded his house at about 2:am tried to pull his gate down but left after they couldn’t gain access into the compound.

Ominimini however dismissed claims from some quarters that those who stormed his house were policemen, insisting that the invaders came with intention to kill.

Giving graphic details of the incident, he said “gunmen invaded my house, they were hitting at my gate. They were pointing touches at the compound from all sides, surrounding the compound. They wanted to force the gate open but they couldn’t. They waited for sometime before they drove away. It was as if they were caring heavy metals.

“It is an attempt to assassinate their head, because I am the chairman of APC Local Government Strategy Committee in Ughelli North. This is a plot to assassinate some of us, because I am a chief of the APC.

“Given my level in the society as a chief, as a former commissioner, as a former working committee member of a political party and a PHD degree holder. A man who has held so many appointments at the state level, and also who is well known. No normal human being will besiege my compound at 2:00am in the midnight, so they are assassins.

“Though the information reaching me says that, the same people went to other places, but am yet to verify that, but the people who came to my house were purely assassins, because if they were policemen, they would have written a letter to invite me and of course you know I have policemen presence in my compound, and not to come all of a sudden to pull down my gate. These men are assassins.

When asked if he has formally made complaint to the police authority, he said; “you know today (Tuesday) is their purported re-run election, so I can’t go out now. I have sent text to top police officers, that I have their numbers.

“I am also making personal investigation, because when they came and were hitting the gate one of them received a call, and the other one was telling him, please stop that phone call, and he mentioned the name of the caller on the phone.

“And these were the people who had organised attack to eliminate me, mostly in the past election, so they are known. I will make a formal complaint to the police and the appropriate quarter where I know justice will be served.

“This is not there first attack; they shot at me in the last election, because they said Ominimini supported Buhari, so they launched attack on me at about the same time 2:00am, where they shot my gateman in Agbarha.

This is the fourth attack, one at the collation centre, two in my compound in Agbarha and this one. They were also trying to jump into my compound, but they felt it was too risky to jump into my premises.

“We saw two hilux, one black and the other white, but the people at my opposite compound said there were other vehicles also behind them. All of them who came were half face covered; we will not keep our hands tied to allow this people to kill us in our own given land. We will complain to the appropriate authority”.

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