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Pandemonium In Kaduna As Youths Attacks Residents, Traders, Travelers

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There has been reports of civil unrest in Kaduna as youths on Saturday attacked people living in the badarawa area with dangerous weapons.

The youths who are popularly called the “yan shara”(sweepers) also attacked traders and people who were travelling along the popular Katuru road, stabbing and seizing mobile phones and money from any person they come across.

The cause of the riot could not be ascertained as residents fled for safety. However, the Police immediately arrived after a distress call and also made a number of arrests.

According to reports from PREMIUM TIMES, one of the arrested youth said they were coming from the venue of the centenary Durbar celebrating 100 years since the creation of Kaduna state which took place at the Murtala square, Kaduna.

A victim who also spoke to PREMIUM TIMES said “They collected all I have in me, my phones, money. They were many and they robbed anyone they met on the street. Thank Allah I was not killed but after four people were stabbed right before me”. The police meanwhile had promised to investigate and make more arrest.

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