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Convener Of #ENDSARS Campaign Working With Mischievous Politicians – Police Spokesman Alleges

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The Nigeria Police Force has alleged that the convener of the #ENDSARS campaign was working in tandem with mischievous politicians who were trying to create a problem in the system for SARS.

This was made known by the Police Public Relations Officer, Jimoh Moshood on Channels Television.

The Police Spokesman who gave the name of the convener of the campaign as Jega Awosanya Segun said that the culprit (Jega Awosanya Segun) had ulterior motives for creating the campaign and was being sponsored by politicians looking to damage the reputation of the unit.

“Somebody who had an ulterior motive put up #ENDSARS. We tracked the hashtag and traced it to mischievous politicians that are trying to create problem in the system, that SARS is a stumbling block for them to achieve their objective in the election and we are investigating this.

“It is quite unfortunate, I am not mentioning any name but this same Jega Awosanya Segun is the owner of the hasgtag and we have seen his picture with various crop of politicians and we are investigating that for Nigerians to know why”.

The #ENDSARS campaign which generated a lot of anger towards the unit had prompted the Inspector General of Police to order a re-organization of the unit on December 4th.

The IGP also ordered all SARS personnel nationwide to undergo a new training program organized in collaboration with various civil society organizations (CSOs) and other Human rights organizations.

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