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If one has not been able to properly put his thoughts about the behavior of a woman or the attributes of womanhood into perspective, then this collection is the perfect start.

This collection may have its focus on the inner workings of the mind of an African woman, but reading it, one would see that it is the same thing to the average woman in the world.

It tells the tales of the alluring feminine personality with sleek suited words and pristine symbols and metaphors which a reader will no doubt be able to relate to.

From her unbridled power encapsulated in VENUS AND VIXEN to her humane and sometimes impulsive needs in DROP, the woman is seen as an individual with simple desires with each shrouded in impulsive and complex layers.

In this book, the author, Sandra Adeyeye seamlessly avoids any controversies over supremacy of sex, but rather she leads us into a deeper understanding of what it means to be a female and what actions breeds and propels her reactions. Also she mixed together a rich and rare blend of metaphors and symbolism making the work engrossing and thought reflective.

The collection portrays the innate and obsessive control a woman can wield effortlessly and at the same time, the monumental frailty of her human needs. It showcases her complexities which is imbued with both strength and sobriety.

The blind belief in “elephant” promises as outlined in DRIP to the sickening and dreadful realization in SO THIS IS IT, the helpless daydreamer in I COULD NOT to a broken philosopher in REINCARNATION, the WOMAN outlines in intricate details the transformation of a woman; her curiosities, priorities, proclivities, inclinations and habits.

It is fascinating in every sense of the words and the descriptions is systematically organized in thoughtful sequences which every woman can relate to and also portrays extensively and vividly her feelings of joy, sorrow, triumph, loss, agony, etc

This book may just be the way out for those lost in the appealing and natural maze called WOMAN and Sandra may just have opened the door to the inner workings of a woman.

Written by Odigwe Jilams

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