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 By Chimennma Okolo
I have gone over and over the broadcast made by Gen. Buhari earlier this morning hoping to see a changed man who may have been tempered by the debilitating health challenges he had faced but I came away very disappointed.
The broadcast by Buhari was in my opinion an opportunity lost! Again Gen. Buhari failed to inspire and his arrogance was in full display and why not he is the Lion King!
For a man who has been away from his duty post without any coherent or cogent explanation to Nigerians for over 100 days he couldn’t even apologize and explain the nature of his absence but rather his first broadcast was to threaten Nigerians on different fronts.
The man has shown that he lacks the modern attributes required to lead a country.
The country is in the doldrums of economic strangulation, infrastructure decay and social malaise and all that matters to Gen. Buhari is that Nigeria unity is non negotiable.
In my little years on earth I have come to realise that it’s only in Nigeria that we insist our warped union is non negotiable.
Well I have got news for you sir, the unity of Nigeria (whatever it means)  is very negotiable and in fact needs to be re-negotiated now!
 Whatever conversation and agreement you believe you had with the great Ikemba Ojokwu  (though I doubt whatever comes out of Buhari’s mouth) was a private arrangement or agreement.
Is it not shamefully that Gen. Buhari calls on the name of Ojukwu now? A man he has shown neither respect nor empathy for suddenly becomes his friend?
Look let me tell you if Ojukwu were alive he would be the one leading the igbo struggle for self determination because the Ojukwu I have studied and listened to detest injustice and your government sir is the full definition of injustice to the 5%.
When a tyrant is in power the only means of communication is bullying tactics,  threats etc.
 Is it not sad that he condemns the means by which he got to power today? For the avoidance of doubt the APC government got to power through the same robust social media he today finds offensive.
All the lies and deceit were packaged through the social media.
Hate speech started from Gen. Buhari or does the statement “dogs and baboons shall be soaked in blood” sound like love speech?
I heard nothing in that statement that gives hope for economic revival or pulling Nigerians out of the current hunger ravaging the land as a result of ill advised economic policy.
The speech was bland and gives nothing to cheer,  filled with sound and fury signifying nothing.
Chimennma Okolo is a lawyer,  equal rights campaigner, public affairs commentator and the Rt. Hon. Speaker of the Masses Assembly
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